Website Design

The invention of the internet opened up new avenues in the world of business. Where a business was once just a local entity, with exposure on the internet that business can be reach markets on both a domestic and international level. Utilizing a website can bring in more customers, help with business advertising, marketing and increase company sales overall.At Keystone Technologies, we combine art and technology to deliver consistent branding and solid e-business solutions that span the digital environment, and with over fifteen years of experience in the web development industry. We offer solid experience in website design, e-commerce, content management systems, flash animation, and information architecture solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Our goal is to work with the customer to find a perfect solution at an affordable price. We will work with any budget.

We will not stop working on your website until you are 100% satisfied. We are looking to build long term relationships with all of our customers and we cannot accomplish this unless you are completely satisfied with your website. We will help your organization leverage design, technology and marketing to create an effective Internet presence.

Keystone uses the most up to date programs to create websites:

  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • JAVA

It is important to have a website that is designed so that it represents your business in the best possible light. Your website is a direct reflection of your company image. If your website looks good, then so will your company as a whole. It is key that you work with a professional and skilled website designer. There are literally thousands of website designers in the world. However not all have sufficient skills or experience to create world class business websites.

A well designed and developed website shows that you took the time and effort to create a site that is functional, manageable and profitable. It shows that you are a serious business and worth doing business with. You are more likely to attract more attention and gain more sales if your website is designed well. A poorly maintained or outdated website is usually passed over. It also leaves the impression that the company may no longer be in business. It is vital to keep all aspects of your website up to date. Content should be continually renewed on a regular basis. Add in a Blog can do wonders for reader retention. Customers enjoy reading and learning about your business and what it can offer. Writing blogs is effective for business marketing and can help bring in new customers or clients to your business. E-commerce sites should be maintained properly so that products can be monitored. This includes managing inventory and sales issues. A website should be maintained continuously. So if links don’t work they can be fixed. Images should be check to see if they load properly.

Just having a website alone does not guarantee it is viewable to the general public. There must be work done on the back end to ensure it is being marketed. Only through thorough analysis and review can a website thrive in a growing internet world. Nearly every business niche out there has competition. Internet search engines only display those sites that have premium optimization. So it is vital for a website to be monitored to ensure that they stay on top search listings.

After the web site design and web development is over and done with, we don’t just end our business relationship. We will maintain your website and ensure its continued functionality. Our goals are to work with our clients, build long lasting business relationships and provide them with the best services available. We will handle your website design needs every step of the way. You can be sure that your expectations will be met and exceeded in design and functionality.

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