VOIP, PRI, SIP, DIDIf you’ve never heard of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, it is basically a way to make phone calls over the internet. In today’s age, many companies are moving into the VOIP world or are already using it. Essentially VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a process for taking regular analog audio phone signals and converting that into digital data. That data is then transmitted over the internet.VoIP is very useful in today’s modern world. With a basic internet connection you can make all the free phone calls you like especially long distance calls. A major benefit of VoIP is that by using some of the free VoIP software available to make Internet calls, you bypass the telco companies and their charges. In the long run, this can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars over time.

If you can answer : Yes to any or all of these questions, then it is time to implement a new VoIP system.

  • Are you looking to move towards the latest technology?
  • Would you like to reduce your costs?
  • Is your service with your current VoIP carrier unstable?

While VoIP has been in use with networks for years, it may be new to some businesses including yours. Keystone Technologies is here to help get your business started using VoIP. By using VoIP it offers businesses opportunities for productivity by offering the latest in technology performance, as well as offering additional features and functions that can enhance and improve the way you do business.

Here are of some of the benefits and features of Business VoIP:

  • You get consolidated carrier connections
  • The ability to originate and terminate your calls through the use of an internet connection
  • Web based reporting and statistics
  • We use the highest quality SS7 networks for reliable trouble free calling
  • Low cost calling, flat rate or rate per minute to keep your calling expenses low
  • Connect to multiple provider networks instead of just one using your internet connection
  • Connect to multiple locations using your VoIP wide area network and the internet, perfect for conference calling systems
  • Simple extension dialing between remote locations, dial 4 or 5 digits to reach someone instead of a whole phone number
  • 911 emergency calling (location verification required)

Keystone Technologies is also a provider of wholesale VoIP services. Our vendors include, all major voice and data Tier-1 network operators. This allows Keystone Technologies better management of market access to give clients the best possible service. Keystone Technologies brings in depth fiber, network reach technology and information along with competitive pricing to better support your wholesale business needs.

Our wholesale VoIP services include:

  • Domestic local calling access
  • International calling access
  • USA Toll free call origination
  • International Toll free call origination
  • Resborg service
  • Voice and A-Z Termination
  • Competitive pricing rates
  • Carrier direct connects
  • VOIP SIP: H323/G711/G729
  • Favorable terms
  • Quality routes and ASR’s
  • Redundant backup carriers

VoIP may not be the best solution for all companies. Contact us to find out if your business is ready for VoIP. We’ll discuss what the best options are for your business. For more information contact Keystone Technologies at info@keystonetechcorp.com. Contact us now or call (212) 266-2661 to discuss your needs with a representative.

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