Virtual Server

If you are looking for more control and performance for your business technology needs, then contact Keystone Technologies. Our team of technical experts has the knowledge and technical know how to solve any technical issue you may have. We have experience in all areas of technology and IT management. We use only the best and most current software applications and hardware available. Our data centers are state of the art and highly maintained. We provide hands on approach to networking, hardware management and technical support. We also provide assistance with the development of technical business needs.Our Virtual server services include:

  • Providing virtual servers that be configured and ready for use within minutes
  • RAM options 256MB – 32GB
  • Processors 1 – 2
  • Cores options: 4 – 8
  • HDD options 10GB – 1TB
  • RAID 1 – 10
  • Static IP Addresses 1 – 256
  • We use two operating systems Linux and Windows to accommodate clients
  • Bandwidth options 1Mbps – 100Gbps
  • Load balancer options

vmware logoAs part of maintaining a modern data center, Keystone Technologies consistently rotates the hardware used every year. This helps to support a growing client base and their needs. Keystone only uses trusted hardware vendors like Dell, IBM and Cisco. Our virtual servers run on leading hardware and software that has been tested and recommended. This includes products from VMware vSphere, and Citrix. Network traffic management is not just about virtualization. It is also about being able to aggregation and load balancing. To avoid cases of down time and outage, you need to engineer and properly allocate resources.

There are benefits to using a virtual server. As a network gets larger and more complex, computer servers can to take up a lot of physical space. Data servers are basically large computers. They can be difficult to deal with. Since a data center cannot grow in size physically, it can become overcrowded with racks of computer servers. This in turn can cause the room to overheat and excessive use of power consumption. The room temperatures must be controlled at specific levels at all times to avoid server overheating.

Server virtualization is a viable solution to room overcrowding and temperature overheating. Through the use of special software, a physical computer server can be converted into multiple virtual machines. Each virtual server acts like a unique physical computer. A virtual server is capable of running its own operating system.

Keystone Technologies started as an infrastructure company supplying Data Center and Internet services to ISP’s and Telco companies. So virtualization is inherent in our design to consolidate and control power costs. Keystone Technologies data centers are strategically located to avoid downtime and stay up and running 24/7. They provide high data speed and have internet lag response for customers and their end users.

hyperv logoPart of our Virtual Server offerings include working with Hyper V (hypervisor). With Hyper V you can create virtual machines and connect them to any network. It works with X64 systems and Windows servers, specifically 2008. Hyper V when used in conjunction with Vmware allows you to create virtualization and cloud computing environments. The VMware software can work with just about any operating system available. It is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac systems. Hyper V works with servers on their virtualization. Together they create an environment that is fully cloud integratable. We also use the Citrix program for remote access. This allows for a secure direct connection to any computer in any location. Get full access to all types of content and applications. It works with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. Keystone Technologies offers full support for virtualization systems and environments.

Keystone Technologies technical consulting services can help you plan and prepare which virtual server may be best suited towards your business needs. We will help you will all your networking and data needs to support growth and optimized performance for you and your end user.

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