Virtual Cloud Phone System

Keystone Technologies offers a Virtual Cloud Phone System service. With the Virtual Cloud Phone System you no longer need to be tied to a desk to receive your phone calls. Your calls can be forwarded to any number you choose such as a cell phone or any land line or even an 800 toll free number.A cloud phone system is hosted in the cloud. This essentially means that data is stored in a secure server which you can reach over the internet. A cloud phone system is a replacement for the use of traditional land lines. It is usually hosted by a third party provider like Keystone Technologies. A Virtual Cloud Phone System allows any business to appear more professional and improve communications with customers. This type of phone system includes a vast list of features your customers will be impressed with the way you handle business.

There are many benefits to using a Virtual Cloud Phone System:

  • Significant Cost Savings: Installing a regular business phone system can be very expensive. You need to buy or lease pricey phone systems and pay more for any internal or external wiring you will need. A cloud phone system is much less expensive than a regular phone system. It allows you to sound like a high end company for a fraction of the price.
  • Easy set-up: Since the system doesn’t require wiring or equipment, cloud based phone systems are easy and quick to set up.
  • Time and cost saver: A regular phone system requires a lot of maintenance and requires intense set up work. By using a Virtual Cloud Phone System you avoid all the extra costs and save time in the process by letting it be managed outside of your company.
  • Remote capabilities: You can easily route or access a cloud phone system by way of a mobile phone or computer. You don’t have to sit and wait all day near your work phone for calls. You can access calls from anywhere you are.
  • Advanced features: Today’s cloud phone systems have all the advanced features you need, including the ability to add more than one extension, message management, call forwarding, voicemail, business SMS, and different physical phone options.
  • Automated Phone System with extension dialing
  • Name Directory for internal and external use
  • Professionally recorded custom greetings
  • Toll free number for domestic or international use
  • Voicemail to email and fax to email services
  • Music on Hold or play your own advertisement
  • Call forwarding
  • Call screening
  • Assign staff fax numbers

As part of the cloud phone system, we can give you toll free numbers, special fax lines, and local phone numbers for specific locations. We can accommodate you with local numbers in any diverse market and give you a presence there.

For more information on our phone service options, contact Keystone Technologies at Contact us now or call (212) 266-2661 to discuss your needs with a representative.

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