Network Management

The network infrastructure can often be called the backbone of any company. If it is strong and functioning properly, the company as a whole will function properly as well. A well designed and dependable network is vital to the health of a company’s day to day operations. If the network goes down or has problems work can cease to function as it should be. Telecommunication services will no longer work, there can be disruption to customer services and access to corporate data can fail. It is vital that the network stay up and running at optimal levels at all times.

The Keystone Technologies Communications department provides network consulting services that help companies manage their network infrastructures. Our network management services are focused on an organization’s core network requirements: building a strong and solid network infrastructure, focusing on network security and network maintenance.

Network Infrastructure
Keystone Technologies Communications network infrastructure solutions enable our clients to implement the latest technologies available, increase business efficiency and align their infrastructure with their business goals. Our networks experts work with you to identify network areas that need improvement, assess risks, integrate mixed networks, update and streamline older networks and implement new networks. We deliver the resources and expertise that you require for a more manageable and secure IT environment.

We offer full services for:

  • Network Integration
  • Project management services for network implementations
  • Remote access solutions (RAS)
  • Network planning and optimization
  • Design and implement a VOIP solution for you
  • Network storage and data content management
    Network & Application Security

New methods of cyber attacks are increasing and occurring daily. They are sophisticated and can be quite severe. So it is vital to keep up with the latest developments in security in the business world. By combining standards, policies, and security experience, our security solutions mitigate risk and minimize network vulnerabilities. We offer you innovation and effective solutions to block any potential network attacks.

Our security solutions involve:

  • Performing a Risk Assessment on your network. We look for potential vulnerabilities and assess any risk we find.
  • We review perform a security analysis and define procedures catching and fixing and possible security issues.
  • We will initiate Mock Network Attacks to verify that the current security procedures will work or need further updates. We also create security procedures if there are none in place.
  • Every network should have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place in the event of an emergency. We will update your current Disaster Recovery plan or create a new one for you.

Network Management
Our engineers continually perform expert network management, preventative maintenance, crisis resolution and network monitoring activities. We will ensure that your network infrastructure maintains full functionality. The technical experts at Keystone technologies have significant experience in analyzing, deploying and supporting network infrastructures.

At Keystone, our team of experts utilizes the following applications in our work:

  • Architecture and Implementation of IT operations
  • CCNP, CCNA, ATSP: Internetworking, ATSP: IP Telephony, A+, Network+
  • Work with Microsoft GOLD certified partners
  • Utilize MCSE, MCDST, MCP, MCSA, MCITP certification expertise
  • Providing network baseline analyses
  • Perform network application evaluation

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