Managed IT Remote Support

Running a full IT department can cost a company millions of dollars each year. There are several expenses that go into it. The costs associated with employees, training, hardware, software, telecommunications and networking can be outstanding. The time it takes to manage a whole IT department can be hours of time that can be of use elsewhere in a business. Keystone Technologies provides full 24/7 Managed IT services for organizations of all sizes. We manage your IT issues so you don’t have to.

We know that running IT operations can be stressful. From maintaining complex IT environments to managing IT personnel, there is a lot of work and money that goes into an IT department. Our managed services team and systems are designed to save companies the over head costs of running an IT department. We provide the services you need so that you can put you efforts and resources elsewhere in your business. At Keystone Technologies, we provide and maintain the personnel, systems, solutions and technology to help your business operate at premium levels. By utilizing our managed IT services you won’t have to worry about networks failing, employees being under trained or having to shell out thousands of dollars each month on maintenance issues.

We utilize IT support engineers who are industry certified, very knowledgeable, efficient and have a high degree of experience. The technical team members at Keystone Technologies are highly trained to work in any type of technical environment. Our teams are certified in Cisco, Microsoft, Linux as well as many other technologies.

Our technicians can provide support for an array of digital systems and hardware equipment. They can work on routers, firewalls, switches, servers, Wifi, telephones, both desktop and laptop computers, tablets, voicemail, cell phones as well as other various portable devices. They can work on various software applications and Point of Sale systems too in addition to remote data management.

Here are some of the Managed IT services Keystone Technologies provides but is not limited to:

  • Flat fee unlimited support options we won’t charge you anything extra
  • 24/7 Customer service and technical support
  • Solid enterprise and wholesale business expertise
  • Customer portal with constant monitoring and alert notifications
  • Technical experts for systems, network and administration
  • Proactive monitoring and alerts of all hardware devices, networks, applications, system processes
  • Hardware device management and upgrades as needed
  • Colocation, data center and server room 24/7 management
  • Network management of LAN and WAN systems with network failovers
  • Power management with UPS monitoring
  • Telco and vendor management
  • Managed server, desktop, network, disaster recovery
  • Virtual server setup and management
  • Cloud backup services
  • Managed cloud services
  • Hosted email exchange service with email and document archiving
  • Managed internet security, includes Firewall, ACL and Anti Virus
  • Wireless Access (WiFi)
  • Hardware and software purchasing and licensing

You can feel comfortable knowing that your business operations are in good hands with Keystone Technologies. Our proactive monitoring software applications and dedicated experts actively monitor network infrastructure, hardware and software applications for performance, security, and other issues using state of the art technology.

Our Customer Portal lets you feel empowered with the client viewable real-time power reboot controls, monitoring of server metrics, bandwidth usage and server performance. The Customer Portal on one of the leading services available. It is powerful and comprehensive.

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