Managed Cloud Services

Keystone Technologies provides Managed Cloud Services to its clients. Our managed cloud data centers are designed for technical reliability and maintaining continuous up time. Most data centers are ideally located for up time, speed and internet lag response.

Not all data centers are reliable and customers often discover all too soon. There can data center problems with bandwidth unavailability, power outages and lack of support. Ultimately a customer may determine that the data center location and company was more than likely selected for the wrong reasons. That particular data center location may have been chosen based on a lower price for the monthly rental of buildings or even lower power costs. These buildings are often built with the intention to offer lower priced services, and attract competitive bidders.

A customer may need to switch data centers after they realize the data center imperfections or the hosting buildings are sold and go out of business because of too few customers. Companies with large volumes of data movement, or companies who rely on the internet eventually upgrade to a more stable, reliable company with deep rooted experience in technology and network infrastructure and technical support.

With regards to data centers, Keystone Technologies provides a greater understanding of technology operations, infrastructure knowledge and competitive pricing to better support your growing business needs. Keystone Technologies data centers use cloud servers with the latest and best of technology and resources. This comes with a much higher upfront cost to the client. However it ensures reliability and customer retention over other cloud service providers.

Keystone Technologies provide Managed Cloud Services that include:

  • Full expert managed cloud services: networking mapping, design, building and hosting
  • A highly skill technical team to help plan your ideal cloud design
  • Cloud backups to provide for reliable backup of your data
  • Blade, NAS, SAN as well as direct hardware configurations
    • Linux
      • MySQL
    • Windows
      • MSSQL
    • VMware
      • ESXi
      • XEN
      • KVM
        • Centos
        • Open BSD
        • Free BSD
        • Debian
        • Entoo
  • Cloud data centers across the country: Los Angeles, Phoenix, New Jersey, New York
  • Processing speeds of 2Gbps, 10Gbps and 100Gbps for infrastructure backbone options
  • Infrastructure redundancy using redundant data center grade switches
  • Reliable power redundancy so you never have to worry about power loss:
    • Failover UPS (uniterupter power supply) basement level
    • Failover UPS (uniterupter power supply) suite, floor level
    • Redundant Data Center power generators (QTY x 3, with 2 weeks fuel)
  • You get service on a 24/7 every day of the year with IP controlled security. Cameras provide motion detection, video and image alerts
  • Temperature and humidity monitored environments

As part of Keystone Technologies technical consulting services, we can help you plan and prepare which technologies will work for you in our data centers.

Additional services we offer include:

  • Server configuration service available on any server
  • Server and Software pre-installed and ready for your use
  • Technology available from vendors including VMware, KVM and XEN Hypervision
  • Raid
  • Core
  • All RAM options
  • Dedicated IP addresses assigned
  • Data storage options
  • Our Cloud hosting facilities have a customized design to meet your needs. Implementation is fast, power and back-up power supplies, temperature and humidity monitoring and control, fire suppression systems, intrusion detection and remote monitoring at all hours of the day and night on a yearly basis.
  • Large nationwide OC-192 or 100Gbps network footprint with Data center locations in prime metropolitan, Internet Aggregation areas
  • Contact us now or call 1 (212) 266-2661 to discuss your needs with a Keystone Technologies representative.

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