Internet Security

Every time a packet of data is sent across the internet or a file is saved on a network server, there is a high potential risk of a security threat. Data breaches happen nearly every day in the business world and volumes of precious data is stolen. It is highly important to have a full internet security plan and process in place. No one recognizes this more than Keystone Technologies. With more users on the internet and more applications being developed, it opens the doorway for information to be leaked. Hackers have watchful eyes and will look for any security vulnerability they can find.Viruses, Spyware, Adware and employee oversight are internet security breaches that can cause a loss of data or data corruption. This can cost businesses thousands or millions of dollars to fix. Not on can it create drastic losses of money to fix, but it can get in the way of daily work functions. All kinds of data can be accessed. Personal data on employees, customers and other business vendors can be taken. A network security breach can lead to identify theft and financial fraud situations. Business trade secret information is a valuable resource which can be sold to the highest bidder for pennies on the dollar. A business can also be legally liable for internet breaches. Companies have been sued in the past for failure to protect confidential data.

Internet Security - 1To avoid this type of intrusion, it is best to make sure that your network is as airtight and secure as possible. Help protect business technology assets and information by securing your business with a multi-dimensional and managed internet security service.

Keystone Technologies offers multi-layer security services. They are designed specifically for faster response, speed and minimal impact for client interaction. For example, Keystone Technologies includes combining top industry hardware and software technologies.

These technologies run based on industry and business policy. They are frequently updated and maintained by Keystone Technologies security team.

Our team of internet security experts work with you and your business to:

  • Follow best practices for internet security
  • Identify potential areas of a security risk
  • Educate users about best practices
  • Assess, review and implement security issues on your network

Depending on your business needs, Keystone Technologies can help with file server security, email server security, endpoint security, remote management, as well as data and access security solutions. Our security solutions are designed to give you peace of mind knowing that your network is safe from intrusions. We know that your data and assets are valuable. Our team will work hard to keep your data protected at all times.

Whether you have a virus, spam, data corruption or loss of data, we have a fix that we can put in place for you. As a managed IT service, we will monitor your data for potential attacks and block them. We use only the most up to date virus and malware software blockers. We will continuously scan your whole network and address any leaks or other issues we find.

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