Hosted Exchange

Since its early beginnings, email has evolved from basic file sharing into a mission critical day-to-day form of communicating with clients and peers. It is important that it is treated with a high importance. Managing an email service in house can be expensive and time consuming. Getting outside support is not always manageable as well. Not all service providers are created equal. Many often lack a commitment to providing sufficient customer satisfaction. They often lack the most current technology resources. They cannot guarantee a high end infrastructure, customer support or provide dedicated service operators.Keystone Technologies offers a Hosted Exchange service for email. Our high performing email systems will save you time, resources and money. You can be confident using our services and related that back into your business with an increase in productivity. At the click of a mouse, you can obtain more from an email service provider.By using a hosted email exchange service:

  • You never have to purchase and maintain extra hardware such as a server, large amounts software licenses or schedule email server down time for software updates and patches.
  • You get a live customer service representative that is available at any time to pick up the phone should you need to call them for service support. You don’t have to worry about the cost of hiring someone to manage your email server in house and training them.
  • You will have all the customer support and streamlined communications to take your company to the next level.

There are numerous advantages in choosing a Hosted Exchange email solution. By choosing a hosted solution you get the full functionality of a Microsoft Exchange environment without the worries or difficulties associated with of maintaining your email system. This is one of the most important and valuable advantages you will have.

Using a hosted email exchange boosts company productivity. The advanced features make work easier not harder, like always having synced email, files, calendars and contacts. You get mobile access on devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Androids, Blackberry or Motorola phones. Other advantages include advanced Web-mail; shared calendars that let employees see colleagues availability to schedule or rearrange meetings. You can book conference rooms and plan projects. There is the option for shared task lists that allow you to create To Do Lists and assign them to team members. Lastly, you can share your business contact lists. You will never worry about these getting lost or misplaced.

Unfortunately, for most small and midsize businesses, the cost of running an in house Microsoft Exchange server is simply too much work. Upfront costs can exceed $10,000 or more as well as several hours of staff time to maintain the server. This is why a hosted exchange makes sense for smaller businesses.

At Keystone Technologies we will run and manage the hosted exchange technology and charge only a nominal fee for its use. You will get full customer support when you need it as well. This allows businesses the same email enterprise strength that other companies have without all the excess cost and man hours to run it.

microsoft-office-365As part of our IT service offerings, we also provide service and support for MS Office 365. This is very similar to MS Office 2013 suite of applications. This package comes with MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Email. You get the same programs with full functionality without the high cost. However with this service instead of paying costly fees for application licenses, you can basically rent out the applications you need or subscribe to the services. Hence you can use them for 365 days. The renting or pay as you need them services are excellent if you are on are a budget. You are not limited to using Office programs on one computer. You can install the applications on several computers with MS Office 365. You can access and store information in a cloud environment as well.

MS Office 365 works very well with Keystone Technologies cloud services and hosted exchange services. We can help you set up the MS Office 365 applications. We will integrate them into our cloud or hosted services. We will train you on the programs and support you any time you require assistance with it. If you are interested in this service, please contact Keystone Technologies for more information or to get started.

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