Dedicated Fiber Internet

Dedicated Fiber Internet

Managing internet bandwidth takes time and money. While large corporations use this option daily, it may not be feasible for a small business. If you’re leasing bandwidth, your costs keep going up as your demands grow. While competing solutions promise high speed, a fiber-optic infrastructure offers the best combination of reliability, high bandwidth and scalability. It is a fully cost effective solution that businesses love. Unlike other Internet solutions by using a fiber based option you don’t have to share your bandwidth with others. You will get full bandwidth especially during peak business time frames when internet use is high. Keystone Technologies offers Dedicated Fiber Internet options to businesses by providing fast, high quality and reliable broadband access to the Internet through non shared connections. Dedicated Fiber Internet is the perfect solution for businesses that are looking to expand their internet bandwidth on a regular basis.

So what is Dedicated Fiber Internet? Dedicated Fiber is exactly what it sounds like. It is a symmetrical circuit designed to meet the needs of customer. Usually written as 50/50 which mean 50 up and 50 down. This circuit is for net centric businesses that rely the internet specifically for business use. With a symmetrical circuit connection, downloads and uploads can occur at the same time with no reduction in speed to either side. Fiber optic internet offers truly unlimited bandwidth with no caps on data or changes to speeds. Dedicated Fiber Internet is still relatively new technology and is increasing in use on a daily basis due to its many benefits.

The Keystone Technologies Dedicated Fiber Internet services include:

  • 10 Mbps – 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps – 100 Gbps options
  • Managed Hardware and Firewall options
  • Multiple fail over options available
  • Custom fiber build for your location, managed city permits and handling negotiations with local business
  • 1 Gbps up to 100 Gbps wholesale options
  • Online customer portals to manage bandwidth usage, review statistics and issue trouble tickets

The benefits of Keystone Technologies Dedicated Fiber Internet:

  • Guaranteed up and down fiber internet bandwidth that covers network service from end-to-end
  • Regular system monitoring for continuous uptime and prevention service problems
  • End-to-end network management
  • Convenient payment options for Fiber service installation and maintenance
  • SONET technology delivers self-healing fiber rings to redirect traffic down a diverse route at a high rate of speed
  • Fiber Optic 10 Gbps – 100 Gbps backbones ensure high speed, service reliability, 24/7 uptime with no bandwidth bottleneck issues
  • We provide detailed and functional Service Level Agreement for our clients
  • Network Operations Centers that are locally based in major cities with full services and expert support

Keystone Technologies provides the most advanced service level options for Dedicated Fiber Internet service. Our Dedicated Fiber Internet is the perfect solution for growing businesses that require high internet speed and excellent performance you can rely on daily at an affordable price. Our clients receive full end to end network management, comprehensive Service Level Agreements and excellent customer service.

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