Dedicated Ethernet Internet

IT departments as a whole take a lot of work to run. They often take up the largest portion of a company’s yearly budget. So choosing to outsource your IT needs is not only beneficial both financially but it can save your management teams hours of work. We provide internet services to help businesses who are outgrowing their current internet connections. Our services compete with other providers by providing the same service at the same costs with no hidden charges. Along with that, we will upgrade your technology to the latest products available. This will help improve your company productivity without incurring additional expenses.

Keystone Technologies offers businesses Dedicated Ethernet Internet Access. We have various service type offerings, all with high speed, non shared connections and with multiple interfaces. Our Dedicated Ethernet Internet service solution is made for businesses and ISPs that want to access the internet with various bandwidth options and are looking to scale down their communication services. We can provide all that and ensure that your business will have the highest levels of performance and reliability.

Our Dedicated Ethernet Internet service is similar to our Fiber Internet option. Ethernet Dedicated Internet is a continuous, high bandwidth way for business enterprises to connect their local area networks to the public Internet and to streamline the performance of their wide area network. Ethernet Dedicated Internet is an alternative to older technologies such as T1 lines, frame relay infrastructures and ATM that are based on using connected T1 lines or fractional T3 lines. These legacy internet solutions do not work well with escalating bandwidth changes for newer cloud computing options and other technical business processes.

Businesses used to rely primarily on T1 lines to access to the Internet. However, as bandwidth use increased on a regular basis, many businesses outgrew their T1 services. At the time, there was no easy or functional way to address this issue without a lot of planning and costly work implementations. As a relatively new alternative, Ethernet Internet is delivered over a single Ethernet fiber optic connection and boasts bandwidths ranging from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps. It provides continuous upstream and downstream speeds required for maintaining internet presence, which is the primary reason businesses are using and buying it.

There are two types of Dedicated Ethernet Internet services available from Keystone Technologies:

Type 1 (On Fiber) Dedicated Ethernet Internet: Speed range 10Mbps – 10Gbps
Type 2 (Off Fiber) Dedicated Ethernet Internet: Speed range 3Mbps – 100Mbps

The Keystone Technologies Benefits:

  • Guaranteed up and down fiber internet bandwidth covers network service from end to end
  • Proactive monitoring for continued uptime and potential service interruptions
  • End to end network management
  • Flexible payment options for fast and easy implementation and maintenance of Fiber lines
  • SONET technology delivers self-healing fiber rings to reroute traffic down a diverse route quickly
  • Fiber Optic 10 Gbps – 100 Gbps backbones ensure fast, reliable service, consistent uptime and no bottlenecking of bandwidth
  • Comprehensive SLA’s (Service Level Agreements)
  • Local Network Operations Center with full services and support

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