Colocation, Data Center

Keystone Technologies provides collocation and data center services. There are many benefits to using a colocation data center. Utilizing a data center will help reduce your overall IT spending. By moving your IT services you can put focus back into other areas of your business. A data center offers companies the ability to maximize potential within their company.Most businesses do not have the resources available 24/7 to manage and monitor IT issues such as a downed server or other outage. Colocation companies such as Keystone Technologies specialize in data center and network services to help businesses who cannot manage their IT services on their own. Colocations provide cost savings, expert support and deliver state of the art infrastructures. When comparing a standard business server room to a colocation data center solution, a review of the power use alone shows a major difference between using in house solutions and outsourcing to a specialist.

If you are experiencing downtime or performance issues with your current data center or cloud services, then you should consider moving to a colocation environment. A colocation environment will provide improved uptime and network performance. With a colocation you will get more hands on technical support and assistance.

Keystone Technologies data centers are ideally designed for continuous uptime, power redundancy, high data speeds and internet lag response to clients. Data center colocation provides high security for sensitive data protection, temperature controlled and Tier-1 network access for carriers. This helps to facilitate higher quality internet connections.

By using a Keystone Technology Colocation Data Center you get:

  • SAS 70 Type II facility certified
  • Redundant 1Gbps or higher from multiple Tier-1 carriers
  • Remote access on reboots or hardware check ups
  • Data centers conveniently located in major cities: Los Angeles, Phoenix, New Jersey, New York
  • Switched and dedicated access to network transport facilities
  • Improved infrastructure performance over competitors and higher uptime reliability
  • Reduction in IT department operating costs
  • Secure racks, cages and cabinets for servers and other hardware that can be customized
  • Capacity use’s¬†cabinet or full use of cabinets
  • Maximum redundant backup power
  • Dedicated and back up internet connections
  • Connection to multiple network providers
  • Connection to voice networks for integrated voice and data applications
  • Tier-1 network providers
  • Use terms that will benefit your business
  • Data centers are of carrier grade quality. The hosting facilities come with customized design, fast implementation service, power redundancy with multiple back up power supplies, temperature monitoring and control, fire suppression systems, security and 24/7/365 remote monitoring
  • Large nationwide OC-192 with data center locations in metropolitan and internet aggregation areas
  • 24/7 technical support service available on a time used basis to support your hardware
  • 24/7 onsite security, including guards, motion detectors, security cameras, self locking cabinets and cages and card-key access
  • 24 hour access to data center (with security escort if needed)
  • Access to the multiple OC-192 or 100 Gbps IP network, built on self healing SONET fiber ring technology

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