Cloud Backup

Keystone Technologies offers cloud backup for your data. Our managed cloud data centers are ideally located for uptime, speed and internet lag response for customers end users. Through experience, Keystone Technologies can present clients with an understanding of technology operations, technology infrastructure knowledge and competitive pricing to better support your growing business needs.If you are not sure whether or not your business can benefit from a cloud backup system, then ask yourself these questions. If you can answer yes to all, then a cloud back up system is definitely for you.

1. Are you looking for an off-site backup to the cloud?
2. Do you need someone to configure and manage this for you?
3. Are you looking for a more hands on approach from technical support and assistance or development?

Keystone Technologies cloud backups use only the latest and best technology and resources. We provide experts that are highly skilled with the expertise you need to set up and manage your cloud back up storage. In return, this carries a much higher upfront expense to the customer however, it ensures reliability and customer retention over other cloud back up service companies.

As part of Keystone Technologies Cloud back up services we fully manage all the cloud services. We will design, build, host, update and manage your cloud on a day to day basis. You won’t have to worry about managing this in house as we do all the work and take it off your hands. On a daily basis we will perform an automated backup. The scheduled backups can be daily, weekly or even monthly if needed. Premises backups will be synced to the cloud. We provide a full consultation with the client and will make recommendations as we see fit.

Our team of technical experts at Keystone Technologies will help you plan and prepare your data and networks for cloud backup storage. All data is kept at a cloud data center. You can be sure your data will be safe from intrusions or thefts.

The Cloud Data Center Features:

  • Redundant servers in the event of system failure, VMware, Veam high availability options
  • Our Cloud data centers are strategically located in Los Angeles, Phoenix, New Jersey, New York
  • 2Gbps, 10Gbps, 100Gbps infrastructure backbone options for data speed
  • Infrastructure redundancy using redundant data center grade switches
  • Power redundancy in the event of a power outage. There will never be a loss of data with our multiple power redundancy options:
  • Failover UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) basement level
  • Failover UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) suite, floor level
  • Redundant Data Center power generators (Qty x 6+, with 2 weeks fuel)
  • There is high security in the building. We offer 24/7/365 IP controlled security camera’s with motion detection, video and image alerts
  • Temperature and humidity monitored environments to control any possible overheating and burnout of hardware

If you are looking for a reliable and dependable cloud backup option, then contact Keystone Technologies. Their team of experts will work with you to define your business needs.

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