Cabling & Wiring

Today’s networks can be quite complex and no one understands this better than Keystone Technologies. To ensure long term network reliability, you need to have a network that is designed properly with material integrity. We have a team of network design experts that work with exclusive contracts for material manufacturers. Together that ensures you will get a network that will last a long time and can be designed at a price you can afford.

Before performing any type of work, Keystone Technologies makes it a point to get to know its clients on all levels. This is has been vital to Keystone Technologies’s overall success. By getting to know a client we get an idea of what they want by getting to know who they are as a company. With this understanding it gives us the ability to build a complete and comprehensive infrastructure.

Determining what kind of network to design for a business involves a few steps. At Keystone Technologies we use an approach that is simplistic yet effective. We use a four step process: Analysis, Design, Implementation then Configuration.

Step one in the process is to analysis and evaluates your current network system. From there we can determine the type of design you will need. We look at what your current infrastructure is currently capable of and where it can be modified.

The areas we will address are with regards to bandwidth, data processing, network growth and possible technologies to be added.

Networks can be very busy throughout the day and some nights with many larger companies. Bandwidth allotment can be used up very fast in some cases or get stuck in a bottleneck. We will look at how much data is being processed at any given time. We look at your peak and off peak hours to see where there is flexibility and where there is none.

There is always room for a network to grow. At Keystone Technologies we look at every possible option available to find room for infrastructure growth. This includes integration with other networks. Such examples of this could be the expansion of a company with the purchase of another company. Or perhaps moving your business networking into a data center type of environment.

No matter how well it functions a network can always use a boost in technology. We apply the most up to date technologies to network infrastructures to ensure they function well during peak and off peak hours. During out analysis we will look for opportunities to apply the latest technologies to your environment. A site analysis like this will help us uncover any obstacles that might prohibit a smooth installation

Once the analysis phase is done we can then design your network. Our team of qualified engineers will review our findings with you and go over all the details of the new design. We will make sure you have a full understanding of your design and how it works. We will also include pricing options to make sure you get the perfect product solution that is right for you.

We not only initiate, but manage the whole network implementation process from beginning to end. Coordination, Installation, Standardization, Certification for Optimization or CISCO are the simple terms we use to ensure that you get the best service we offer. Keystone Technologies is known for going above and beyond for our customers with all services we provide including the implementation of your network.


As part of our network services, our network engineers can also provide a Network Configurations Assessment. This assessment ensures that your network is optimized fully to take full advantage of the new design.
Other network services we can provide as needed include Manage network traffic flows, Creating and maintaining security policies. We also provide off site backs-up services as well.

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