About us


The amazing convergence of communications and computing continues to drive business and consumer adoption of technology at breakneck speed. With this progress has come an increasing need to provide fast, competent service repair and maintenance, which Keystone Technologies has taken the company to 21st Century by successfully acquiring new businesses in different type of industries and technologies. Tek Technologies now branded Keystone Technology Corp. thrives on becoming the single point of contact for all their clients.

Keystone Technology Corps aim has always been to build upon an impeccable reputation of delivering quality services and products. We move fluidly with the trends, and introduce concepts that are fresh and accessible. In keeping with this ethic throughout each stage of production, Keystone Technology Corp works from the inside out, ensuring that our teams strategies are reflected in the work we produce. In a sense, our production method creates a rippling effect on the market we serve, imprinting a sense of trust and reliability, which resonates with the public. Keystone Technology Corps practices have been honed through years of experience, we respond quickly to our customers needs at competitive prices.

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